Three Webinars on Anti-racism in higher education

I was invited to speak on three panels focusing on anti-racism in higher education, one specifically focusing on anti-blackness.

Public Engagement Call on Race & Equity in Higher Education with Dr. Brian Lozenski, Nerita Hughes, Andriel Dees, and Dr. Robbie Burnett 
The Pandemic of Anti-Blackness, part of the summer series Untangling Racial Politics and Ontologies: Local and Global Antagonisms and Possibilities presented by the Macalester College Annan Institute for Global Citizenship, American Studies, and Latin American Studies, with Drs. Brian Lozenski, Duchess Harris, Bill Hart, and Kenjus Watson.

The University of Minnesota’s inaugural event on anti-racism took place September 29, 2020 featuring Curriculum and Instruction Professor Tim Lensmire and Brian Lozenski, a former C&I student and now associate professor at Macalester College.

Their publication, “Anti-racist Mentoring: For White Faculty Who Want to Engage in Black Mentorship,” is written as a dialogue between a White professor (Lensmire) and a Black graduate student (Lozenski) and how their mentoring relationship helped each learn about interracial mentoring. Through their discussion, Lensmire and Lozenski illuminate ways for faculty (especially White faculty) to orient themselves toward the University and Black students, if they want their relationship to be anti-racist.

This work will eventually appear as a chapter in the book What White Faculty Need to Know to Recruit, Retain, and Sustain Black College Students.

Please read the chapter before watching the video: “Anti-racist Mentoring: For White Faculty Who Want to Engage in Black Mentorship.”


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