YPAR and Ethnic Studies

As I prepare to participate in an Ethnic Studies Assembly in Seattle this weekend, sponsored by the Education for Liberation Network,  my latest article is timely. cover_issue_1854_en_US The Movement for Ethnic Studies is celebrating 50 years since students and faculty on campuses like San Francisco State, the University of Minnesota, and Cornell demanded the creation of departments, majors, and centers for Black and Africana Studies, Raza Studies, Indigenous Studies, and Asian American Studies. I have been a beneficiary of these liberation struggles. The fight for Ethnic Studies is still ongoing as K-12 schools are still entrenched in regressive Eurocentric models of education that alienate children of color from the knowledge of their own historical assertions of humanity.

This movement has always transcended nation-states. I was lucky to be able to participate in the World Conference on Transformative Education last summer in Kenya. The conference has resulted in the creation of a new academic journal—the Global Journal of Transformative Education. I am proud my work is part of the inaugural issue of this important open-access publication. Check out my new piece, “Constructing a Dual-Subjectivity: Understanding the Intersection of Ethnic Studies and YPAR“.


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